January Daily Dip 2023

January Daily Dip 2023

January Daily Dip for Crisis UK

Throughout January, a group of hardy dippers from across Yorkshire, Cumbria and Lancashire, including myself took part in a daily vigil dip to help raise money for Crisis, the UK's homelessness charity. I feel very lucky to have been part of such a fantastic group of people, bracing the freeze in just swimming costumes and smiles to help raise money for Crisis for the 6th year running, raising over £135,000 in that time. No one should be homeless in this day and age, and everyone should have a place to call home. 

I'm sure you will agree that this month has been cold, wet and pretty miserable at times. I'm not going to say that it has been an easy feat to find the motivation to get into freezing cold waters. Each dip has been below 7º with many sub 5º dips. I have completed most of my dips solo, which at times has been empowering yet lonely. When i have dipped with other people, I am always in awe of the sense of community wild dipping brings, there's nothing quite like it. 

One of the things I have reflected on during my daily dips is how lucky I am to have a warm home to get cosy in after a cold dip, as well as a supportive partner and family to help me. Many families in the UK are not so lucky and it's getting worse with the cost of living crisis affecting up to 300,000 families, despite living in the worlds 6th biggest economy. 

If you would like to donate any spare change, you can find our donations page on Just Giving by entering January Daily Dip 2023. 

Thank you and here is a snippet of my daily dips, many of them sporting a Dip and Dales costume. 


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