A Dip & Dales Story

The Dip & Dales Co was formed by a love for outdoor adventures, particularly wild swimming.

Our founder Zoe introduced dipping costumes made from recycled plastic bottles to the brand in order to give a vibrant yet eco-friendly option for dippers.

This is where our ethos, vibe and mission naturally unmistakable. Particularly living in The Yorkshire Dales, being o close to lots of beautiful wild swimming spots, it's easy for us to show off our wonderful products.

Our mission is to give people the confidence to adventure outdoors and in particular experience the love and buzz of dipping..

  • Our Mission

    Now, it's not just about providing the best dipping costumes in the country, using local designers from God's Own County, it's about the people who support us, the people we inspire and the people that inspire us too. It's the community spirit which is being generated through the 'Find Your Freedom' adventure group, helping people to find their own passions regardless of shape, sex, size, colour, sexual orientation! The outdoors are free for everyone, and we hope to bring an adventurous spirit to life from The Dales to The Dolomites! 

  • Our Products

    It's our pipeline dream to manufacture all of our products within the UK. At the moment, we source products from China, India, Turkey, Pakistan, Scotland, England and Wales. While we can't quite achieve our dream at the moment, we source all of our products using sustainable and eco-friendly materials and offset our carbon footprint by using trains to transport from other countries rather than air or boat travel. We aim for our swimming costumes to be the top choice for dippers around the country, and with their unique designs, we hope there's one for everyone out there! 

  • Our Community

    This is our unique selling point, you can't beat the community around the dip and dales co. It is second to non, from our wonderful ambassadors to those who are in the dipping community who regularly support us, it really is a wonderful thing to be a part of.

Our Values

We are a SMALL BUSINESS with a very small hardworking team, Zoe heads up the day to day running of the business. We aim to always have a small business ethos as we grow. Although we're serious about our company and mission, we have lots of fun and adventures along the way. 

We are based in YORKSHIRE and aim to always hold these roots close, while spreading Yorkshire joy around the country and world by calling all our products names relatable to Yorkshire born and bread folk. 

We are PROUD of who we are, how are business has transitioned, and where we came from. This is portrayed in everything we do.

We CARE about our community and our environment. We do not align with 'Fast Fashion' and our customers are more than just product buyers. 

We are HONEST. Although we try our best, we may not always get things right, and we're okay with that and will always be open, transparent and honest with our community. We are all very qualified in various fields but we do not profess to know everything there is to do with adventuring, and we're not afraid to admit that. We do our research, we consult 'experts' and we listen to our community. 

We are part of the FIND YOUR FREEDOM movement and we can't wait to welcome you to our team. 


Our resident mermaid, social media queen, and full-time
day-to-day Dip & Dales resident adventurer.

Zoe is a qualified Physical Education teacher who has worked all over the world, leading PE departments in promoting healthy and active lifestyles for young people. Looking for more of a balanced lifestyle herself, she left teaching and now loves the freedom working from home offers.

She organises our Find Your Freedom adventurers, runs our social media and sets up our meet up events.

Her main passions are, playing hockey, jumping into waterfalls, and travelling this wonderful globe.