Dipcember Challenge

Dipcember Challenge

The Dipcember challenge has sadly come to an end but WOW, over 100 people participated in taking a cold water plunge every day throughout December. Various dipping vessels were used; tubs, barrels, rivers, lakes, showers, and stunning waterfalls. Particularly cold at the start of the month with lots of sub-5-degree dips! We aimed to help people reduce their stress levels during what can quite often be a very stressful time of year. More importantly, we aimed to create a community of like-minded individuals to help people feel a sense of togetherness, support, and friendship. I have been cold water dipping for many years and I always try to seek out a lovely spot wherever I am in the world from The Italian Dolomites to The Norwegian Fjords, The Canadian Rockies to The Yorkshire Dales. My top tips for safe dipping during the colder months are:

- Listen to YOUR OWN BODY. 

- Try an organised event if you're new to dipping. They're a great way to build confidence with safety boats and qualified staff. 

- Dip with someone else.

- Know your entry and exit points.

- Swim close to shore. 

- Enter the water slowly and steadily. Do not dive! 

- Control your breathing.

- Bring lots of layers, and dress your top half first after your dip. 

- Bring a lovey warm Yorkshire tea to sip afterwards. 

- Leave your dipping spot better than you found it! 

In addition to the above, do your own research, know your dipping spot and remember, there are no egos in cold water dipping. Everyone will experience the cold differently depending on hydration levels, stress levels, and even the time of the month. 

We have absolutely loved this challenge and can't wait to explore more dipping spots in 2023. 

Check out a few of our favourite Dipcember pics.  

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